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Vehicle Mounted

Solar Vehicle Mounted Solutions provides a quick assembly antenna platform that can be setup in 30 minutes without tools. It comes complete with a compass, inclinometer, and GPS to aid in alignment. Various indoor unit options are available, including an easy-to-use Satellite Acquisition Assistant (SAA) and/or baseband unit. 

The sophisticated INTEGRATED SOLAR COMM™ software makes antenna alignment easy for even novice operators through its Auto-Acquire alignment wizard, beacon detector, and built-in spectrum analyzer. To further simplify operation in the field, a full range of settings can be pre-configured in user selectable profiles before the INTEGRATED SOLAR COMM™ is sent out on an assignment. The INTEGRATED SOLAR COMM™ is truly changing mobile satellite communications by eliminating the need to include an RF engineer on each assignment.


The IST INTEGRATED SOLAR COMM™ is the first complete system to be designed from the ground up to deliver secure broadband data connectivity in a highwind-capable and reinforced structure. Each terminal includes a positioner and a controller.

IST is also the first in the industry to incorporate an easy-to-use graphical user interface for antenna alignment, spectrum analyzer, and transmitter control.


• Flexible:

o Multiple Aperture size available
o Multiple frequency bands available
o Suitable for Data or SNG applications
o Wide range of Solar powered amplifier options
o Small Footprint

• Intelligent

o Auto-Acquire
o Intuitive Interface
o Transmitter control
o Built-in Spectrum Analyzer, Beacon Detector, DVB Receiver

• Rugged

o Built tough
o Field tested in harsh conditions
o Shock Protected