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Cellular GSM and Telephony

IST deliver access solutions that maximize transport network efficiencies, lower costs and support the integrity of both legacy and next-generation applications and technologies.

We have industry-leading expertise in the optimization of high cost or bandwidth-limited voice and data telecommunications and enterprise networks anywhere in the world.

Specifically, IST has become the leading supplier of cellular GSM and telephony backhaul network optimization solutions. IST’s flagship Solar powered solutions enables GSM operators to dramatically reduce network operating expenses by cutting transmission costs, both at the access (BTS/Abis interface) and network core (MSC-BSC A/E interfaces). With hundreds of cellular sites deployed and operational across both satellite and terrestrial transport networks in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Rim, IST’s solutions are proven globally.

Leveraging the satellite modem expertise of companies such as iDirect Technologies, IST offers new solution paradigms for satellite backhaul applications, resulting in unprecedented low operating costs. IST’s products open up new business opportunities for satellite service providers by offering competitive solutions to traditional terrestrial wireline or wireless solution, such as deploying profitable Solar powered mobile GSM voice & data services in rural, low density or geographically challenged areas.